What they Say

What they Say


Alis Personal Training & Raising The Bar Success Stories!
You can't beat what the investing customer has to say!!....


I was recommended by a friend to join Ali’s get results or money back package, my goodness I can’t believe how my body all changed in three months. Let me just say that I done all what Ali said and everything went to plan and after three months, I got the body which I have wished for all my life. Everybody, do not hesitate, sign up now and you will see what am talking about.

Ben Johnson

I really do not want to say much but, it takes one look at the pictures to tell the story, I worked ever so hard on Ali’s get results or money back package, I invested lots of money in properties and other business deals but this is by far the best and life changing investment I have made. I thank Ali for the body that he gave me and I am willing to train with Ali for the rest of my life


This get Results or money back package, I never heard of it in my entire life, and now I truly believe in it since starting my training regime with Ali. I was given all the service, not just personal training, and Massage therapy, muscle toning programme, nutrition and assessments. I have gained this result in three months, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next year.


I was able to see results in just four weeks, training with Ali improved my posture and I lost 4kg. I am so happy with the service Ali provides because it offers training, nutrition advice, assessments, massage therapy and ultimately results. Sign up now and don’t hesitate.

John Statin

I started with Ali 6months ago, ever since I started, my body looks better every week, I really have to say that I am over the moon, having spent so much money on other personal trainers and not achieved much, Ali is the opposite of no results, he has engraved this equation in my head, 7 days a week diet + 5 days a week training = 3 months results.


Ali has been my personal trainer for over two years and in that time, he has helped my fitness in a variety of ways. My core strength and flexibility has improved 100%, partly down to consistent and quality personal training.

My goal is to stay in shape and feel healthy, having Ali as a personal trainer has helped my motivation to achieve these goals. Training sessions (in the gym or the park) have been fun and varied. I would recommend anyone looking to improve their general fitness to book a session with Ali and Simply Fitness today!

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